Mental Health, Circus Arts and Flow

Filmmaker Fitness Circus Arts and Flow

Filmmaker Fitness is connected to a much larger mission than fitness. In 2012, I befriended Lionel Powell, the Treeman, a man experiencing homelessness who dresses like a tree, on a mission to unite humanity. I began making a documentary about Lionel and his Treeman character’s incredible ability to connect with strangers. This part of his story led me to neuroscience of flow, the circus arts, flow arts and many other body movement practices. Flow is key to optimum human performance, whether you’re a Navy Seal, a yoga practitioner, juggler, musician, writer or a human tree on stilts. There are huge mental health benefits to body movement flow and this is especially beneficial for the developing minds and bodies of children whose are so often glued passively to their digital devices.

To learn more, check out Treeman’s documentary in progress “A DocumenTree” and visit the “Circus Arts Flow” page. To help your kids find flow, consider enrolling them in Circus Arts classes at San Francisco’s Circus Center or get them an LED flow toy from #circusartsheals #flowartsheals

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