North Beach Circus Arts Flow

North Beach Circus Arts Flow explores the neuroscience of flow through circus arts and more. Check out “Circus Saturdays”, our weekly Circus Arts Flow jam in Washington Square Park, North Beach, San Francisco.

Finding flow and community through circus detoxes the negative effects of our digital lifestyle, and reconnects us to our roots — movement, nature, and each other. Our mission is to find flow while we celebrate, educate and participate in all forms of creative body movement and performance. 

Much gratitude and love to The 7 Fingers, Club Fugazi and “Dear San Francisco” show for getting our neighborhood juggling kit started and for all the support. Props to other circus arts friends in the neighborhood: The Great Star Theater, The Hive SF aerial school and Berber’s Got Talent. Big love to our Bay Area flowmies: Dolores Flow, flowtoys and their flowspace, and our fiery friends at Friday Night Lights.

Find pretty pictures and Circus Saturdays RECAP videos on Instagram @NorthBeachCAF plus lots of event invitations, workshops, classes and more on our Facebook Group