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Filmmaker Fitness Blueberry Shake
Delicious blueberry bullet shake easy to make keeps hunger away all day

Eating healthy can be so hard when you don’t have time to cook so when you get hungry you eat what is available. When your blood sugar is low a breakfast muffin at craft services or a delicious platter of editorial suite horderves can really hit the spot. Having your own food with you let’s you choose what you eat and “The Bullet” is a great way to take your own food with you anywhere you go.

Before I go to bed I pre-fill my bullet with fresh fruits and veggies then add liquids to it in the morning. It takes only 3 seconds to blend and voila I’m set for breakfast and lunch. ¬†When my producer offers me Chinese food I graciously decline as I’ve got my killer shake that I nurse throughout the day to manage my hunger. Lately I’ve been digging this Blueberry Almond Butter Shake, arguably high in sugar for some, but I’m exercising almost every day so I earn it:

Handful of Organic Girl Super Greens (Delicious, the secret is the baby chard!)

One banana, quarter apple, one cup or more of fresh blueberries

1 Large tablespoon of creamy Almond Butter

1/4 Cup Lifeway plain unsweetened kefir (12 active probiotic cultures)

Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water (Last ingredient fill below fill line)

There are tons of recipes online and bet you can find one to fit your dietary needs, just do some of your own research. Most people I know that get a bullet use it almost every day, if you buy one I hope it hits home for you too:

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