Find Your Joy: The Traveling Rings

The best way to stay motivated with your own fitness is to do something you enjoy, this is one of my favorite fitness activities the traveling rings. It’s a heavy cardio workout and really strengthens the upper body, plus it makes me feel like a monkey, that’s both fun and primal. It does put a lot of stress on your rotator cuffs so stretch and then stretch some more.  Also the rings are metal and rough on your hands so put gymnastics chalk on them or if you become addicted like me get yourself some handgrips from Frank Endo, these are the ones I order:

Reisport Men’s Elite Protec Ring Grips (#R532)

Working at my Venice office I’ll sneak out at lunchtime while rendering and skate down to the Santa Monica Rings and Aerial Park  just on the south side of the Santa Monica Pier. You’ll find a wonderful community of health nuts and athletes from gymnasts, to stunt performers to martial artists and more. People of all ages are welcome and it’s a place of learning from acro yoga to parkour to the traveling rings, so don’t be shy and ask for help. Other  adventures to be explored are slack line, both large and small traveling rings, an obstacle course, rope climbing, aerial silks, trapeze and more. Come Sundays to see the place fully come alive, especially on the Acro Lawn:

Filmmaker Fitness Acro Yoga Practice
Filmmaker Fitness Acro Yoga Practice

Our bodies were designed to hunt and gather for days on end, within our genome lies very physically active creatures, historically our survival  depended on this. As we become more sedentary and tethered to our digital devices it’s up to us to strike a balance and find ways to engage with our health and fitness, so find something fun and fold it into your weekly routine.

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