Heavenly lunch break at the Santa Monica traveling rings
Heavenly lunch break at the Santa Monica traveling rings

No matter what industry you are in staying healthy is no easy task. In Film and Television we work long hours under high stress often foregoing healthy diet and exercise to complete a job on time and on budget, after all we are saving lives right? Well perhaps it’s time to save your own life or at least add a few years to it. No matter what career or lifestyle you choose Filmmaker Fitness is a place to explore the balance between your own well being and chosen lifestyle.

I created this website because I struggle to stay healthy working in visual effects simultaneously directing, editing and producing a documentary. I am not a nutritionist, personal trainer, doctor or stunt performer, so if you are looking for professional advice look elsewhere (see disclaimer). I do however find interesting information about health, fitness and diet through my own personal research, athletics and daily life. I hope this blog can provide you with some inspiration in your own pursuit of health and fitness while we explore the online community of ideas together.


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